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Each box is carefully put together with a mix of products that are hand selected for the toughest of Moms! With Moms N Dumbbells, you’re sure to get the highest value subscription box each and every month.

Our boxes are customized with your preferences in mind. Select your apparel size and we handle the rest!

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*Monthly subscription bills at $65.99 each month, 3 Months Subscription bills at $187.99 every 3 months, 6 Months Subscription bills at $365.99 every 6 months, 12 Months Subscription bills at $691.99 every 12 months.

May Sneak Peek

Forever loved, the Born Primitive Inspire Leggings Constantly Varied Gear Capri Leggings were designed with comfort and durability in mind! The amazing feel and fit will allow you to move freely though all your workouts and daily activites.

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