13 Effective Workouts You Can Do At Home

13 Effective Workouts You Can Do At Home

Exercising on a daily basis should definitely be something we should all focus on more. On the other hand, in the midst of the social distancing order, gyms have become the place where the spread of bacteria is easier than ever. That’s why it is very important to adjust and look for some alternative, yet effective workouts that you can do from the pleasure of your home. However, without having access to the gym equipment, it is very crucial to know the right approach and what exercises you could be doing while still performing similar amount of intensity. Therefore, we’re going to be giving you examples of 13 effective home workouts you can implement into your daily routine.

1. Plank Based Workout

plank based workout

Plank is a static exercise in which almost all the muscles in the body work, making it one of the most popular exercises in the world. You need to have a certain strength to perform it, and in order to show the results, it is important of course, the time we keep the endurance in the push-up. When performing this exercise, the muscles of the abdomen and legs are used to the maximum. Although we rely on our arms, we actually harness the abdominal muscles that keep the body in the air the most.

2. Push Ups

push ups

Push-ups are an exercise that primarily engages the pectoral muscles the triceps, the front part of the shoulder muscles as well as the intercostal muscles. However, during push-ups, most of the muscles of the torso and arms are engaged as stabilizers and enable the correct form of performance. This means that push-ups are an exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles as well.

3. Sit-Ups


This is the easiest version of the core workout, with the help of gradually activating the muscles of your abdomen. This exercise will help you strengthen your stomach and get you ready for more demanding exercises.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jack is an exercise that is most often performed as part of a warm-up before some fitness activity. However, it can also be performed as a cardio workout- in this case the movement should be performed for at least 15 minutes. Although they are seemingly easy to perform, it is necessary to pay attention to coordination and proper landings.

5. Squats Jumps

squat jumps

Stand in an upright position with your legs hip-width apart. Squat down so that your body is slightly directed forward. Stretch your arms out in front of you. Then, swing your arms hard down and push off with your feet. Use the swing of your hands to get more explosiveness and to bounce higher. When landing, return to the squat with your arms outstretched and repeat the procedure.

6. High Knees

high knees

Stand shoulder-width apart. With your shoulders thrown back and your spine straightened, step out with a high raise of the knee of your left leg. Repeat the same with your right foot. Repeat the exercise alternately. This exercise engages your heart rate, core and legs. It helps you improve flexibility, momentum and coordination.

7. Bridges


With this exercise, of course, you are focused on the back muscles, but considering the pose itself, you move all the muscles in the body - they are all involved to support the bridge, they represent the pillars that hold it. This is a highly recommended home workout for women that suffer with back pain.

8. Cobra


This position has several variations, each of them is correct and more than good for your body. There is a low and high cobra, a cobra with palms placed under the shoulders or palms placed next to the waist, as well as a cobra with gathered or spread legs. Each of these cobras differs in difficulty. However, it is recommended to perform this stretching exercise each morning and evening, because of its capability to relax and loosen up your back and stomach muscles.

9. Forward Lunges

forward lunges

Forward lunges are an effective home workout exercise for strengthening the leg muscles, primarily the quadriceps. Along with the quadriceps, back muscles and the gluteus are also fairly “busy” - but with the condition that the step forward is longer.

10. Burpees


Burpees are, with certainty, one of the most effective and complete exercises for the whole body. Burpee is an intense exercise for the whole body that activates almost all muscles. You are constantly lifting your weight and jumping with it. With each repetition, your arms, chest, gluteus and core work.

11. Russian Twists

Russian Twists

From this position, rotate your torso and your arms to the left and right as much as you can. You will see that the exercise is not easy and that your abs will immediately start burning. You will feel exactly which muscles of your stomach are working. Do as many rotations as possible to determine the weight of the workout that suits you.

12. Incline Push-Ups

Incline Push Ups

Incline push-ups are a simpler variation of push-ups to help strengthen your arms, chest and shoulders. So, these push-ups are done so that your hands will have support on the bench. This way you will be at an angle while doing push-ups, so it will automatically be easier for you to do them.

13. Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is an exercise that is inevitable in every training session. Whether you are in great shape, want a good cardio workout, improve your performance or just have fun - jumping rope is an activity that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

All these effective workouts can be done from the pleasure of your home. You just need to be creative and replace the gym equipment with some of the “elements” at home. Nowadays, fit moms take even more responsibility and care towards their loved ones, and the only way to perform on the same level at all times, is by implementing some of these effective workouts. They will help you build their confidence in themselves even more and strengthen their both mental and physical abilities.

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