15 Quick But Effective Workouts for Busy Moms

15 Quick But Effective Workouts for Busy Moms

Continuity of training is as important as the quality and intensity of the exercise itself. Wondering how this is possible? Simply, the results can be achieved by accumulating the effect of regular training, and anything below three times a week cannot be considered regular. Moms are very busy with everything that’s going on in their life, whether that be at home or at work. Which is why we have decided to share with you 15 quick and effective workouts for busy moms!

1. Squats

squats busy mom

FUN FACT: Did you know weak legs mean a weak heart? That's why it is recommended to do this simple exercise every day. Squats keep the leg muscles and blood vessels in perfect shape, which contributes to faster blood flow to the heart. It is very important that during the squats you inhale and exhale continuously. With that exhalation, all the negative energy should come out of your body.

2. Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers moms

Mountain Climbers (also known as climbing a mountain) is an exercise that will raise your heart rate and make you tired and sweaty! This exercise is not intended to increase your strength, weight and definition, but it will help you to be endurable and to additionally melt the fat deposits in your body.

3. Bridges


In gymnastics, wrestling and yoga, this exercise is quite popular and the necessary attention is paid to it, but in other exercises and sports, it is unfortunately neglected. It is an exercise of our childhood, which not only makes us stronger and more flexible, but is considered to be able to help you get pregnant and grow.

4. Squat Jumps

squat jumps

There is a great cardio workout that will give you even better results in just 4 minutes a day, but beware, the workout is terribly strenuous. Although it lasts a short time, you will be physically exhausted after this exercise. If you do not like to spend a lot of time on standard cardio exercises, this is the right thing for you!

5. Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

Jumping Jacks are definitely one of the most popular when it comes to cardio training. It comes down to the following - you jump in place by spreading your legs and arms together and contracting them with each jump. Do the exercise at regular intervals for at least 1 minute, and increase the time spent jumping over time.

6. Burpees


Increasing strength and endurance - Burpees are an intense exercise for the whole body that activates almost all muscles. You are constantly lifting your weight and jumping with it. With each repetition, your arms, chest, gluteus and abs work. Burpees are great for general fitness and do not require any additional equipment. You can do them wherever you want.

7. Bench Dips

Yes, the triceps is superficially a much larger muscle than the biceps, so it is very important to train this muscle to achieve the desired size, definition and strength of the arms. There are several triceps exercises that can help you, such as: classic push-ups, narrow bench press, recumbent triceps barbell exercise, dumbbell triceps exercise and twine triceps exercise.

8. Plank


Plank is an effective exercise for strengthening the abdominal wall. It activates the entire central part of the body, muscles that connect the upper and lower body. The muscles of the upper arms and shoulders are also active, because you keep all the weight of your body on your hands and toes. If you make an effort and tighten the muscles of the buttocks, you will use the full potential of this magical exercise.

9. Forward Lunges

forward lunges moms

Great exercise for strengthening and shaping the leg muscles, which can be done in several variants. One leg forward 20 reps or alternately both legs forward. Also, if you can handle it, include a jump in the step when changing legs. You can also do 20 reps or 30 seconds and a break between sets.

10. Russian Twists

Russian twists moms

At the same time, rotate the upper body to one side and the legs to the other. In the final position, the weight almost touches the mat next to the side. Repeat the exercise on the opposite side without stopping the movement.

11. Push-Ups

push ups

Push-ups are exercises that primarily involve the muscles of the chest and triceps, and then the front part of the muscles in the shoulders and the muscles between the ribs. But during push-ups, a large number of muscle groups of the torso and arms are engaged as stabilizers, enabling the correct form of performing this exercise. This means that push-ups are exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles as well.

12. Flutter Kicks

flutter kicks moms

This is a great workout for the stomach and legs. It's a more advanced level, it requires some knowledge of the technique in order to perform it correctly. Of course, if you are a beginner in exercise, there is no reason to worry and give up, just take care of the technique. When performing this exercise, it is important to focus on breathing as well as body position.

13. Pull-Ups

pull ups

Pull ups are one of the best possible exercises for developing back muscles, increasing muscle mass in general, for developing strength and getting a perfect V-look of the body and superior muscles. Grab something up in the air and pullllllll! 

14. Jump Rope

Jump Rope for moms

Jumping rope is an exercise that is inevitable in every workout. Whether you are in great shape, want a good cardio workout, improve your performance or just have fun - jump rope is an activity that will help you achieve your fitness desires.

15. Crunches

crunches moms

This is the easiest version of an ab workout. Doing this, you will gradually activate the muscles of your abdomen. This exercise will help you strengthen your stomach and later be able to do more demanding exercises.

Those were 15 quick and effective workouts for busy moms that you can do anywhere! Some exercises don't require you to be at a gym, and those are usually the most effective. They are all pretty basic exercises that can have a huge effect on your bodies even if you don't have too much time during your busy day's being a mom.

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