About Us

My name is Cathy, and here is how Moms 'N' Dumbbells came to be.  It was new year 2017 and I knew I had to change.  I was a smoker, I would eat unhealthy and I was overweight. So on that new year I decided I would change everything, for myself and for my two lovely children.

So I quit smoking - and signed up at the gym. And I did not stop! My goal was to lose 50 lbs and be healthy by the end of the year.  By October 2017, I hit my goal sooner than anticipated.

Fast forward to this day, and I am still going to the gym religiously, my diet is still under control and I haven't touched a cigarette in 3 years. 

So I thought to myself: if I can do this, why can't others? Sometimes us mothers don't have time, we don't have that drive we need to get to the next level because we are so pre-occupied with other important aspects of our lives.  

Then I thought, “what if I were to create a monthly subscription box that would send all these wonderful hard working mothers a surprise every month to help them achieve their fitness goals and help them stay on track?” And that is exactly what I decided to do! 

I partnered up with my son. He allows me to make this dream of mine a reality by using technology. Together we make a great team; he takes control of marketing while I take charge of the products in the box that have helped me reach new heights and helped me get where I am today.

Hopefully this box can change your life, like I was able to change mine - and if I can help even one of you reach your goals - I will feel like I've accomplished something meaningful because I know just how tough it is.

#Momsndumbbells Strong.